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Determined To Succeed - NO Excuses

Posted by James Deo Dawson Sr on September 4, 2015 at 1:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Some of the gurus have asked me “What is your why? Do you have one?” You betcha’ I do!......


Hi, James Deo Dawson Sr “JD”, NMD Here


This is my The Empower Network – Blog Posting Number Nine 

Determined To Succeed - NO Excuses
Determined To Succeed - NO Excuses
Preface / Introduction

This article was created so others like myself will see that it IS possible to continue on regardless of your health condition and the obstacles that are presented to you.
You CAN overcome them, IF you will only use the strength of your mind and your inner will to survive.

That inner deep down, gut wrenching, burning desire to not just prove to others, but to yourself that you still have what it takes to come back swinging.

That you are NOT willing to just give up and say "I'm done". You are NOT done, you still have a lot left in you! You CAN still dig way deep, You CAN still overcome, You CAN still fight to survive!!

"Don't you EVER give up until there ain't no more!" "Until you have given all that you can, all that there is, until there just flat out ain't no more".

“Then...when that time comes...you will know. But until then...you don't even want to hear about it!”


“Because YOU are”...
Determined To Succeed - NO Excuses”


Not too long ago I had started visiting the site called "WakeUpWithLarry" created by Larry Beacham: http://www.wakeupwithlarry.com/

I REALLY needed to hear what was being said.

You see, I have been on the internet for quite awhile now. I first started part time in 1994. I have been working full time on the internet since 2000. Went full time in 2000. It has been quite a ride and a definite lifesaving event to say the least for me.

You see my story is quite a bit different from any of those hyped up crap stories we all constantly hear about. So don’t worry, I am not going to bore you right out of your skull with any of those.

During my stint on the internet I have had 5 heart attacks, one requiring a 5 by-pass surgery, another heart attack requiring a 2 by-pass surgery, another heart attack requiring stent surgery, yet another heart attack which was a warning sign that I was pushing it working 2 1/2 days straight, and yes yet another heart attack warning me that I was pushing it working 20 hours a day three days in a row. And then let’s not forget the 3 cardia cath surgeries that they performed to see if they can clear away any plaque that may be responsible for any future blockages, install any more stents and see if any further by-pass surgery may be possible in the future.

You see I am a TRUE entrepreneur. The ULTIMATE work-a-holic. It is NOT work for me. I absolutely LOVE being an entrepreneur. I first recognized “my calling” when I was only 13 years old. I knew then what I wanted to be when I grew up. An Entrepreneur.

Now, unfortunately, each heart attack is a temporary setback. You are down in the hospital for awhile, you finally get home, your wife begs you to take it easy, so you do because she is crying her eyes out staring you right in the face in fear that she is going to lose her husband and be alone.

But then, after you have assured her that everything is going to be alright, with the help of your loving wife…she props a pillow up in your work chair to help ease the discomfort and pain, because she knows that just standing at the bathroom sink to brush your teeth is tiring enough, but now you must get back to business.

So you make your way to your 30 second commute that for some reason seems much farther than that today. And with the help of your loving wife you plop down in extreme pain into your chair. But ahhhh. The old throne feels great! Then you start to realize just how much you have missed it. The fire within starts to burn once again. You can feel the creative juices starting to flow again.

But, you see when they did the surgery they split your chest open, sawed your rib cage on both sides, actually opened you up like a book, removed your heart from your chest, put you on a machine to keep you alive, made an incision on your inner left leg from your knee down to your ankle because they needed the vein for the by-pass, made another incision on the left inner forearm from your elbow down to your wrist because they need another vein for the by-pass.

And when they put you all back together again, since they had to sawn your chest plate in two it is now wired back together and because of the extent of ALL of your incisions you not only have hundreds of stitches, but they also had to use staples which at times feel like they are ripping into your flesh if you moved just the slightest wrong way.

After your loving wife helps you get positioned just right in the chair, she must help you elevate your left leg out to one side of your computer desk so as to make sure the incision does not open. Then she must make sure it is wrapped at the ankle because of all of the drainage that is still seeping from your leg. You can't even wear a sock for any long length of time because it becomes drenched from all of the seepage.

Then your loving wife quickly gets your hydrocodone or oxycodone, depending on what level of pain you are in, and then fixes you a cup of coffee.

And through all of this…you both know that you will only be able to tolerate the pain of sitting up in that damn chair for only so long. Maybe 2 hours…maybe 4 hours tops. 4 hours is complete agony. But you both know that you HAVE to do it if you are going to succeed, you HAVE to do it because of the inner burning fire to make it, you HAVE to do it because NOTHING is going to prevent you from achieving your goal of financial freedom and being able to provide your loving wife with all that she desires.

Then…your loving wife helps you through the extreme, mind wrenching pain and agony of getting up out of that damn chair, you make your way back to your bed, having to stop what seems like a hundred times to catch your breath and because it feels like your chest is going to explode.

Then the worse part of it all…Making your way back down to that bed and feeling your rib cage shifting on both sides just enough to make you scream out in pain, then you feel your chest plate that is wired together g.r.i.n.d, then that leg that is spit open like a melon has to be twisted so you can adjust a turn just before plopping down onto the bed screaming in EXTREME pain, then here comes the chest pain because of all of the stress of what you have just been though. Your loving wife goes running to get the nitro to pop under your tongue, hoping this is not the big and final one.

Finally you are able to get as comfortable as you can, your loving wife runs to get you some more pain killers, puts a pillow very carefully under your leg to keep it elevated, puts an extra pillow or two behind your head so you are not laying too flat causing you even more pain. Then the next thing you know…you dose off in complete exhaustion.

Then you wake up, your loving wife with her hand on your face asks "Well mister are you ready to get back at it?!", then together…you go through the process of getting set up in that damn chair, the pain killers, the coffee, propping up the leg, etc….all over again.

All the while you know that each precious moment in time must be spent wisely. Because you definitely do not know how much time that you really have. More so than most people. 

You See, in June 2012 we were told that they have pretty much done all they can do. They cannot perform any further by-passes, there is no place left for stents, and that according to the stress test, angioplasty, electrocardiogram, and echocardiogram, I am back down to just 2 open arteries. I have been given additional medication to help extend my life, which now amounts to taking 15 medications each and every day. Each medication has its own set of side effects. Some worse than others. Unfortunately the most common side effect with all of them is headaches. So being a walking pharmacy, I definitely have my good days and my bad days believe me.

The cardiologist and 2 other doctors have asked me what in God's name has kept me going. That they are amazed at my recovery rate, my drive, and my will to survive. I tell them because I am determined to accomplish my goals of self-employment and financial freedom before I die and to make sure that my loving wife will be able to live the rest of her life debt free and answer to nobody. That I MUST succeed. The cardiologist and the doctors just stared at me…smiling. I could not believe it when the cardiologist had a tear running down his cheek, put his hand on my shoulder and said "Amen to that brother". He then turned to the other 2 doctors and said "Wow, how about that!”

You see, I am one of those guys you hear about that had it all and then lost it. Well pretty much threw it away for an ex-wife that said "It or me". So I have had a taste of the good life. I know what it is like to tip the waitress $50 just before Christmas that is struggling to support her kids just so I could see her light up with joy. You know what I am talking about. Passing it forward kind of thing.

UPDATE: As an update to this article I have the following news. On December 10, 2016 I suffered my 6th heart attack that came VERY close to killing me. It has been a VERY long battle back, but I defeated all odds and am MORE than ready to get back to business as usual. I can't believe the support, kind words of encouragement, etc. that I received from people all over the planet. Truly unbelievable. My wife tells me that she received a calls from business assocates asking how I was doing and that you were trying to reach me. At that time I was going through quite a bit and she was not sure how much I would want devulged. I can tell you without a doubt...the medical trials I had to go through to get the right combination of meds were almost as bad as the heart attacks themselves. Depression, mind boggling off the wall head splitting headaches, stomach pain almost beyond belief, mind bending to the point of almost losing sanity, ear ringing so loud you can't understand the person standing right in front of you, the list goes on and on. After it was all said and done, am still on 13 meds per day to sustain my life. And miraculously there is very little heart muscle damage.

When I suffered the whopper heart attack in 2000, working at home became a must. I went out and bought a computer, armed with what seemed like a ton of text books, self-taught myself to use it and then self-taught myself without a mentor to use the internet, create a website, blogs, write articles, etc. You can type into Google

James Deo Dawson Sr “JD”, WorkAtHomeBusinessSecrets.webs.com, JamesDeoDawsonSrWorld.info, JDDawsonAssociates.webs.com and I will come up.

James Deo Dawson Sr "JD" typed into Bing search seems to bring up the most.

Now in our humble household, every day is just another adventure. I say "adventure" pretty much out of habit. You see, the wife and I have been through a lot. Each time that we have a new issue to overcome, one of us will say, "Oh well! Just another adventure for Jim and Diane! The adventures of Jim and Diane!”

Well, I am more than ready for another adventure today. I am up for the challenge if you are. How about it, are you gonna' come join me in business to see what challenges we can overcome today on our new and exciting adventures?

Sorry for the length of this posting. To me it was all important and needed to be said so you would clearly understand the gravity of being "Determined To Succeed - NO Excuses"

None of us really knows how much time we have on mother earth. People can be so very, very wasteful with the precious time that they have been allowed. Never really understanding just how precious their time is until a catastrophe of some sort enters into their life. Then they quickly and abruptly discover, just how short their time really can be.

So PLEASE treat every minute like it may be your last. Because take it from me, someone who REALLY knows...That next minute....That last look into your loved ones eyes...That last kiss...That chance to change everything and to make your life and your loved ones last moments in time, that will be remembered forever...really…really...special.

You see in 1994 my, what seemed like an endless search for both of us, for the love of our lives, finally came to a close. For me, I met this beautiful woman that I have proudly called my wife for over 20 years now at a Parents Without Partners dance one very lonely night. I remember it like it was yesterday.

Stepping off of the dance floor, looking up and across the room for my table, and seeing this very beautiful woman sitting in a chair at my table. When I sat down and looked over at her, she took my breath away. She stared straight forward, watching others on the dance floor. I almost did not ask her to dance because I did not think a woman that beautiful would say yes. But I was able to muster up the courage and ask her for a dance. She looked right at me with her piercing gorgeous eyes and said yes. I could feel my heart skip a couple of beats.

When I took her hand and then pulled her close to me on the dance floor, I looked into her eyes, and then she spoke…I knew that I was going to do everything in my power to make this woman my wife. We have been what we call “locked at the hip” ever since.

When the right one comes along, there is no question, there is no doubt, your breath is taken away, your heart aches for them when you are far apart, you NEED to have them close to you, safe, and always there for you for when you fall and just can’t seem to find the strength to raise back up on your own and that certain someone for you to take care of when they fall and need your strength to help them raise back up from their challenge. When you finally feel at peace, that you confidently have found your one and only. The one you can trust to always be there, faithfully, with no question, no doubt whatsoever. “Forever and Ever”.

Success and all that comes with it will, once accomplished by me, will be my last contribution of giving all I had to my very loving wife. And when my time has come, I will pass knowing that I had accomplished my goal...I finally succeeded…my last gift to my wife so she may live in complete freedom.

Determined To Succeed - NO Excuses

And Always Remember..."Success Begins With A Dream" ™ - JD

Live a Healthier and Happier Life

James Deo Dawson Sr "JD", NMD

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About The Author:

I have an extensive background in sales and marketing consisting of fund raising, home improvement, mortgages, magazine sales, architectural estimating, independent distributorship consulting, Sr. account representative, execute product and service pricing plans, research and analyze competition, execute marketing objectives and sales to sell company products and services. I am an entrepreneur with many business interests. My official business title is Business Development Strategist.

Daily Motivator

What do you think?

Do you think that all the world is against you? Then it is. Do you really think that you can succeed against all odds? Then you can. Do you think that today will be tedious and boring? Then it will be. Do you think that you can make a difference? Then you will.

Whatever you think, is true for you. Whatever you truly believe, is the reality which you've imposed on yourself. What do you think? And why do you think it? Do your thoughts serve you, or do they hinder you?

If you are to do anything, you must first think that you can do it. Thinking does not make it happen. That takes action. Thinking, however, makes it possible. Think carefully. Whatever you truly think, whether positive or negative, you'll find a way to make it happen.

My Story - The Secret

Posted by James Deo Dawson Sr on August 14, 2011 at 9:35 PM Comments comments (0)

I recently made a commitment to a new and very dear friend of mine, Bob Proctor. You may or may not have heard of Bob. He was involved in the making of the movie "The Secret." My commitment to Bob was that I would carry a small wad of bills around with me for the next 30 days. The idea is so I may experience the feelings of wealth. Now you can cut some pieces of paper the same size of a dollar bill and then wrap a one hundred dollar bill on the outside. Your subconscious mind does not know the difference. You see, this lesson is a small part of Bob's teachings. I became one of his many students.

You see Bob is a well known philosopher. Has been for 45 years now. He first discovered "The Secret" 50 years ago and it totally and completely changed his life. He went from earning a measly $4,000 a year to earning over $1 Million Dollars a year. This happened very quickly to him after he discovered The Secret. He spent the next 9 years researching to figure out how this happened so he could explain it to others. He then made a sacred vow to himself that he would travel the globe teaching others about The Secret. And he has traveled the globe doing just that.

Bob sent me a hand written letter while staying in a hotel room, letting me know that one of his business associates told him that I had joined "Six Minutes To Success": http://ihid.us?i=a4a1 I have followed Bob's work for quite some time. I did not think that there was anyone else on the planet besides myself that believes in the power of the mind so intensely as I do.

Now here is what you don't know. I hope you have some time. Please just sit down with a cup of java and read the comments about myself that I sent to Bob. This is how "My Story - The Secret" evolved. I have NEVER confided in anyone else in my lifetime. Ever. This was the first and probably last. Especially since I do not know how much time I have left in this lifetime.

When I was 13 years old I suffered a massive brain concussion. Doctors told my parents that I should not have survived the accident. Falling out of a tree from about 80 feet up, falling directly on my forehead. Doctors said if nothing else I should have broken my neck. They said the my intense dedication for bodybuilding is what saved my life. The strength in my neck saved me. You see as any doctor will tell you, of the 1,000,000 people treated in hospital emergency rooms each year, 50,000 die and 80,000 become permanently disabled because of traumatic brain injury (TBI). And that is as of 2011. Mine was in 1965.

Brain injuries occur more frequently than breast cancer or AIDS. One out of every fifty Americans is currently living with disabilities from TBI. There's even an association between head injury and Alzheimer's disease later in life. And, you don't have to be knocked unconscious to sustain a brain injury. Mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI), also known as concussion , can damage your brain at the cellular level . Worse, repetitive head injuries , even minor ones, can have serious repercussions – including permanent brain damage or death.

The doctors gave me a 5% percent chance of living and told my parents that they should contact other family members and our family minister. I woke up out of a very deep coma 2 1/2 days later with complete and total memory loss. I did not know who I was, anything about my life, did not recognize anyone including my parents. As I was coming out of the coma, my mother was standing by my bedside. I looked up at her and asked "Who are you?". Her eyes widened and she immediately screamed out "Jim!!!" calling my father as she starting crying uncontrollably.

I never recuperated from the complete and total memory loss. The only reason that I know I am James Deo Dawson Sr is because the man I refer to as my father sat down with me a showed me my birth certificate and family photos. I went from being a straight A student to C's, D's, and F's. And the teachers felt helpless. They really did not know how to cope and adapt to someone suffering with my condition. They were not sure how they were suppose to educate me. Where to start. What grade level of education to start at. You see nobody knew, even myself, just how much my brain had been damaged. How much of the 13 years of brain retention had been lost never to be tapped into again due to the severe and massive brain concussion. In short the teachers gave up. Again you have to keep in mind that we are talking about the year 1965.

My mother bought all kinds of educational material. Highlights for children, flash cards, a blackboard and chalk, a white board with makers, an easel for the blackboard different educational crayon books, etc, etc, etc. My mother started dedicating her life to me. From early morning and into the night she started contacting experts in the field of education, going to the library to educate herself so she could educate me, etc, etc.

Then we started seeing hints that there were still just very small pieces of my life that I could just barely remember and picture in mind. So my mother had me to start sketching on small pieces of paper the different things that I could remember, fold that piece of paper and carry them in my back pocket. I would pull them out from time to time and if they started sparking yet another memory I would sit down and sketch out on a small piece of paper what I was picturing in my mind, fold it up and put it in my back pocket.

Then one day my mother bought me a small pocket size notebook. At least the best you could buy back then that was considered pocket size. It would fit in my back pocket. She told me that she wanted me to dedicate my day to re-sketching all of the loose small pieces of papers that I was carrying in my pocket into my new pocket size notebook. She handed me another pocket size notebook and told me that any new memories she wanted me to sketch out in this one.

My mother made it very clear that I was to erase anything else from my mind and that I was not to allow myself to be distracted. No TV, no radio, nothing. To be completely focused on what my task was and concentrate only on my task at hand. At first I did not know what she meant as far as the extra notebook went. But as I was following her instructions re-sketching into the first notebook, I started having these flashes of memory. Just some bits and pieces. Some of which I did not know if it was really related to me personally or just something I had seen on TV. All of this evolved into not just one day, but three days and then seven days. After I was finally done I only had about ten blank pages left in each notebook. My mother took both notebooks from me and told me that she wanted to study what I had sketched and we would discuss it the next week and include that into our weekly studies.

What came from the two notebooks was amazing. When my mother started studying the two notebooks she started seeing broken up but still related patterns to some of the sketches. Some of them as a small groups were actually telling a story so to speak. Bits and pieces of my life were starting to emerge. So my mother stared tearing out the pages from the notebooks that she thought were related in some way. What first looked like a lot, turned out to be what would be a month or two in someone's life. But hey, it was a start!

When my mother sat down and presented to me what she had created, we both just started balling our eyes out. Something deep in my subconscious was still there. A retaining, archived, back storage so to speak. So as time went on we continued to follow these exact steps, but we were only able to put together what would have been a year or two of actual life before we finally came to a dead end. The flashes and bits and pieces of memory came to an end.

So I started going to the library to perform my own research on the brain and the mind. I quickly found the information for these topics to be practically endless. Then I came across books that had been written by professors on the topic of mind control and brain building. This excited me. It was what I needed. Some new path to take in my recovery. A new beginning.

So I started imagining different things that I truly wanted out of life. New goals to accomplish. I would write them down on paper and carry them in my back pocket, bringing them out numerous times during the process of a day to read them and picture in my mind what they said. My mother said that she would stop what she was doing whenever she seen me close my eyes to picture in my mind what a piece of paper in my back pocket said. She said that I would even smile at times. She seemed to get some sort on small joy in watching me.

Then we started noticing something new and exciting. It worked! It actually worked!! So my mother wanted me to teach her and tell her the steps I took in my education at the library so she too could participate. We were actually enjoying our new found education and having an enormous amount of fun with it!!!

As the years rolled by I became a very serious entrepreneur in architecture by creating a niche for myself in the drafting service industry with my father whom also has a love for architecture. But technology ended up taking our dreams away with Computer aided drafting also known as CAD. When it first came out you would have to invest over $300, 000 in all of the equipment needed to compete. The banks would not have had a problem at all in lending either one of us the funds needed, but there were way too many risks in taking on such a venture.

Then to top it off the stock markets crashed while we were taking time off on vacation. We found ourselves, like many, scrambling to gain a foothold in what work was still available. I called a client to see if they would be interested in hiring both of us and they jumped at the chance. After all they were getting a bargain. This particular architectural firm specialized in the design of nursing homes. I set my mind into gear determined to learn all I could regarding the creation of the construction documents that they created. After two months one of the chief architects requested from the owner of the firm that he be permitted to have me as his project captain and direct his team of 13 draftsman. I accepted the position for 1 1/2 times the income.

Three years later I re-started my drafting service JD Dawson & Associates that I had owned while working with my father and his company The Dawson Co. I became well know across the United States. Then one day my ex-wife gave me an ultimatum. My business or her and the kids. One would have to be given up. I closed my business. Two years later she walked out the door leaving me with my two sons to raise alone.

My mother passed away at the age of 79 on November 25, 2005. She was a fighter, suffering from several strokes. The last time she laid there and in a blind stare with a slight tear from the corner of her eyes. I took a photo out of my pocket that had been taken of her, I, dad and my wife. I flashed in in front of her face. She reached up with her hand and brushed the photo away. You see the tears were not because she knew she was going to die, but because her mind was being taken from her. The one thing we had both grown to cherish over life itself. But yet her blind stare I think was because she was being allowed to see a vision of what was yet to come for her. Her final destiny. The REAL Secret.

Now as the years passed I met my present wife in 1994. We have been through a lot due to my health. In 2000 I suffered a massive heart attack requiring 5 by-passed. In 2001 I suffered another heart attack due to one of the grafts fro the first operation failing requiring stent surgery. In 2005 I suffered a mild heart, same in 2007. Then in February 2011 I came dangerously close to suffering a fatal heart attack requiring 2 by-passes. I was sitting in a restaurant I had taken my wife to dinner at on Valentines day and found myself popping nitro's like candy. I popped 2 1/2 bottles in 2 days in order to survive until the surgery could be performed. The hospital had actually ran out of beds due to a severe flu outbreak.

The surgeon told me after the surgery that he estimated that I would have been dead in 2 more days. I only had one main artery still open with another one half closed. The other 3 that had been done in 2000 had already completely closed. The surgeon could not believe that I had not had a fatal heart attack. Said that I should not have been able to have any mobility whatsoever without passing out or having a heart attack. Then when he heard that I had taken my wife out to a Valentine's Day dinner he was absolutely astounded! I told him that I had made up my mind that I was going to take my wife out for her Valentine's Day dinner that I had promised her and there was nothing that was going to stop me!

Now, the surgeon had also warned me before the surgery that the second time around was always worse than the first. Having to cut back through all of the scar tissue of the first operation having to cut the sternum back in half again, having to score the rib cage to allowing them to open me up like a book, etc. He also told me that they do not always perform open heart by-pass surgery a second time. They usually will try alternative therapy first. But he said that he felt and my family physician had convinced him that I was somebody deserving of a second open heart by-pass surgery without having to be put through the standard red tape. As it turned out my family physician and the surgeon were both big believers of The Secret Law of Attraction. They both could see and could tell from discussions that we had all had that I am as well. So yet again, my belief protected and guided me back to health.

Each time the heart attacks come I feel that a piece of me has been taken away. That I have been weakened in some way. But as the months pass I feel my strength, confidence, mind, and body build to my old level again. All the while I am using my belief in The Secret and using my old system that my mother and I used to make my come back. One of the doctors told me that he has patients that are prone to colds. I am his only patient that is prone to heart attacks!!

I will be curious of how that will feel like again to carry a large amount of cash in pocket again. 1979 - 1983 I use to carry an attaché case full of money with me. Years ago I use to carry around $3,000 in my pocket wherever I went. Today pocket change. You see, after my first heart attack nobody in business would hire me. They could not add me to their group insurance policy making me just another pain to deal with. Nobody wanted to sign a contract with me for any work that may take any long length of time to complete because they were afraid I would keel over before the project was completed.

So one day in 2001 I said screw this and went out and bought a computer and without any books of instruction I self taught myself on how to use one, went on the internet to learn even more, started researching any and everything to do with the internet, work from home businesses, etc. and became a webmaster, found a niche in investigative reporting and merchandising, became certified and started JD Dawson Investigative Reporting & Merchandising. I have also created numerous websites to promote my new businesses I have started along the way, WorkAtHomeBusinessSecrets, JamesDeoDawsonSrWorld, TreasureChestof Values, JD Dawson Associates, The Internetizen Entrepreneur and many others listed on my miscellaneous page on my website WorkAtHomeBusinessSecrets.info

And you can just use Internet Explorer browser and type in the Google search JamesDeoDawsonSr

The Secret Law of Attraction. Sure it exists! You Betcha' Anyone that tries to deny it to me I will not hesitate to tell them not only do they not know what they are talking about but they are an ignorant fool to deny it's existence. And even more ignorant for not investigating it further!!

Boy would I love to meet with Bob Proctor in person some day and just sit and chat. What a wondrous delight that would be. And to be a part of his group would be a dream come true! I wonder if the people in his group actually know just how lucky they are to be able to be in his presence and tap into his many years of knowledge. Even just a couple of hours of it. I will try to invasion that.

At the end of my letter to Bob I told him to take care. And that I was sure that his journey in life has many full circles to complete. Being able to communicate with Bob on a one to one basis completed one of mine.

It is my sincere hope that this website, this blog and all it's contents will help to start you on your new journey to discover The Secret and change your life forever for the better. The Secret has always had a dramatic effect on my life, still is and always will have.

And oh by the way. I told my wife that I wanted a picture frame to display the letter that I received from Bob Proctor.

" And Always Remember... Success Begins With A Dream " ™ – JD

Your Friend,

James Deo Dawson Sr "JD"

Quantum Physics

Posted by James Deo Dawson Sr on July 23, 2011 at 11:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Browse > Home / Physics / Quantum Physics and the Living Universe Quantum Physics and the Living Universe March 20, 2008.

The Age of Aquarius has given us the Laws of Quantum Physics. The materialistic scientists have grabbed hold of it and are talking and writing it to death. The extremely high levels of abstractions that they use are way above the heads of the average man and woman and this shouldn’t be.

The Universe is far more easy to understand if we stop trying to dissect it and classify it and put it in one of the Departmental Drawers in one of the Universities.

The one major difficulty that many of the eggheads who are studying and talking and writing about Quantum Physics (while they are getting their egos inflamed as well as their $$$ grants) is that they leave out God.

I am not talking about one of the God’s of the dogmatic religions prevalent on the planet. I am talking about the Creator God, the Grand Architect of the Universe what the ancients speak about. It is the Creator God that has set everything that you and I know (and a great deal we do NOT know about) into motion.

The second thing that they leave out is that we live in a living, expanding Universe. It is alive and conscious just as you and I are alive and conscious only in a different, much vaster degree. It has a function, purpose and destiny just as you and I have a function purpose and destiny.

Stop analyzing and start enjoying. Stop seeking and let it BE.

The key to all the so called mysteries of the Universe, such as Black Holes and Super Novas exist in the Quantum Ocean. The Laws of Quantum Physics tell us that there exists an infinite Ocean of Thinking, intelligent energy called the Quantum Ocean. It is the Mindof God.

The Creator God put everything possible, everything that ever was, is or will be into this thinking Ocean of Energy.

We as human beings, ‘blinked out’ of the Quantum Ocean many times. Each time we blinked out it was called a life. Every time we died we‘blinked back in.’

Why all this ‘blinking out and ‘blinking in?’ Because it is the process the Creator put into place to allow us to reach our goal, our destiny. And that is to become more God-like, more conscious with eachnew incarnation untill we reach ‘critical mass’ and do not have to live physically again.

The Universe and the Galaxies, Planets and Sun also ‘blink in’ and‘blink out’ of the Quantum Ocean. The ancient yogi’s and Brahmin’s knewthis.

No body knows the timing factor, but why do we have to? It is not important. It is what my teacher called ‘Decorative’ knowledge. What weneed to pay attention to is ‘functional knowledge.’ What we can do on adaily basis to grow and BE. We must be after our ‘Father’s’ work. And that work is to raise our levels of Consciousness, to become more Godlike, to EVOLVE.

Decorative knowledge may be fun to read about, but it has no real value for us.

I know that if a materialistic scientist reads this he will scoff at the childish simplicity of my words. I have two reply s. My teacher told me once, “…Unless you can talk about something in your own words so that others can understand you,  you don’t know what you are talking about..”

And a greater teacher than him once said, “…Unless you become like little children you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”

The Kingdom of Heaven is the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God. All theAnswers are there and we do not need telescopes nor microscopes to get the answers.

The Quantum Ocean, Mind of God responds to all our thoughts and questions. The higher we raise our level of consciousness, the deeper the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God will reveal it’s secrets to us.

We don’t need technology or materialistic egg-heads. We need more consciousness and higher and better thoughts. We need to become more spiritually oriented.


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The Secret Book Publication

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The Secret book, print edition The Secret book, print edition

A number of exceptional men and women discovered The Secret, and went onto become known as the greatest people who ever lived. Among them:Plato, Leonardo, Galileo, Napoleon, Hugo, Beethoven, Lincoln, Edison, Einstein, and Carnegie, to name but a few.


Now for the first time in history, all the pieces of TheSecret come together in a revelation that is life transforming for all who experience it.


This is The Secret to life.



The Secret is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, BJ's, Books aMillion, Borders, Costco, Kroger, Sam's Club, Target, and Walmart.

Ok, Here Is Where I Put In My Two Cents Worth

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    I sincerely hope that this website has helped you in some way.What makes me think that you need help? Because it is a documented fact that


We ALL need help.


We ALL need guidance.


We ALL need to believe.


We ALL need help sometime in our lives.


We ALL need to find that peaceful self within us.


We ALL need to find that confident self within us.


We ALL need to find that happy place within us.


We ALL need to achieve success in our life.


    I started gathering the information to create this website in1991 as I was conducting my own research and study. It was not until 2001 after suffering and surviving a massive heart attack was I able to actually have the time to start layiing out my plans to create a website.


    As time went on I discovered that there were many others conducting their own research on The Secret of Attraction. I know it works, because I have used it numerous times. It is why I am still alive today. That along with my belief in God.


    You see I have suffered a total of 5 heart attacks. Three put me in the hospital. The other two I tuffed it out at home. I have had one surgery requiring five by-passes, one surgery requiring Two by-passes, one surgery requiring stints, I have had three cardiac cath surgeries, and have been through multiple mediacl trials to establish my everyday medicine regimen. I now take 15 medicines per day meant to sustain and extend my life span.


    After the third heart attack we referrred to them as being a minor setback. Some people catch colds, I have heart attacks!


    But each time, especially the first, I had to focus only on the positive aspects of my condition. Could have been worse. Could have died! I am not one to feel sorry for myself, regardless of the situation. But now I had to use The Secret. The Secret of Attraction. Do not even let the pain and agony of my condition weigh me down, not even think of it. Only think of healing, progress, getting back in shape, setting goals for my progress, studying each day the reading materials sent home with me for my recovery period.


    I ended up totally shocking my doctors each and every time. Especially the first time. Most men in my condition after having five by-passes do not survive. And if they do survive they will usually have a stroke with a year. I not only beat the odds but ended up starting my own retail merchandising company, which of course can be physically demanding at times.


    But you see, I focused only on getting better, planned my objectives each and every day and had a vision of what work I would do once I had recouperated.  I mean, I knew nothing about merchandising and I even found out that there was considerable training, book studies and testing allowing you to become certified which in turn also allows you to earn as much as possible.


    I accomplished my goal and now own JD Investigative Reporting & Merchandising. Yeah, I had to keep myself even busier with the extra investigative reporting thrown in. What can I say.


    But had I just felt sorry for myself, wallowing in self pitty, and not even caring about putting a positive spin on my life and shooting for a life goal,  I don't know how it would have all ended up, but based on some of the horror stories my doctors told about other patients that gave up. I can just about imagine.


    When asked by my doctors how I did it, I just tell them that I am not one to give up and do not believe in quiting. Which is true, but not the entire truth. The truth is.....I found "The Secret of Attraction."